The Basis of Physical Examination Skills


Medical Students

Medical students might feel nervous if they are not familiar enough with physical examination, especially when medical practice in the ward is started. This site is planned to help them to study the basic skills of the patient interview and the physical examination.

The site include four pages for the students to review their fundamentals of the knowledge and the skills of both the medical interview to patients and the physical examination as follows:
  • Page one shows how to introduce yourself exactly when students have a first-visit to patients in the ward.
  • Page two includes the recall of rules and manners to be observed strictly when medical practice is started, and a trial to address the patients to take their medical histories.
  • Page three is just the review of the physical examination.
    After the lesson, self-assessment by the physical examination checklist may be suggested.
    If wanted, a visit to the Physical Exam Study Guides provided to first year medical student at the University of Florida College of Medicine is indeed recommended.
  • Page four represents to the students the importance of appreciation for patients' cooperation at the end of the medical practice.

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The pages are written by Yasushi HASUMURA, MD.
Address is Kanazawa Medical University, Uchinada, 920-0293, Japan.